What to Expect on Lobby Day: a Note from our Lobbyist

Coming to The Capitol during The Legislative Session is exciting and fun, but can be a little intimidating too. So, as a seventeen-year veteran, I've written a friendly guide to help you enjoy your day on the hill.

1. Yes, it's true, parking is a pain in the neck. My advice is to arrive early, and follow the parking location suggestions that come from the lobby day coordinator, Sasha. Click here to send Sasha an email with a request for parking information if you have not yet been in touch with her. You may have to park a ways away, but once you get to base camp, you are set for the day. We will walk everywhere else. Also, if you do have to park a ways away, we have this awesome free shuttle that will take you to campus. It's called the Dash bus, comes every 15 minutes, and they are painted in cheery individual colors-orange, purple and green. My kids love to try and predict which one is coming next.

2. What to wear? Business casual is how I would describe it. Your everyday lobbyist types wear suits, which is not necessary for Lobby Day, but slacks and jacket, or skirt and sweater are appropriate. Though sometimes very tempted, I don't wear jeans, athletic shoes, or muddy boots to the Capitol.

3. Arrive on time for the morning briefing. You won't want to miss this orientation to our Lobby Day agenda.

4. Going to meetings with legislators. If you choose to, you can ALWAYS go with a team, and you don't have to say anything. There are those of us that might not let you get a word in edgewise anyway! Do what feels comfortable for you. You will get the hang of the meetings as we go. We will provide notes for you to speak from, and information for you to hand out.

5. Food. We will have some morning snacks, coffee and tea at the briefing. For lunch, feel free to pack your own, or take advantage of the Dash bus (mentioned above) to go downtown. La Gitana, Kitzel's Deli, Trinacria, and the Bread Peddler are all right off the downtown Dash stops and are locally-owned deliciousness. If its a nice day, it's also only a 15-minute walk down. Another option this year will be pizza at base camp. We will collect $5 in the morning from those interested, and our awesome host Jimmy will go pick up at our fabulous local pizzeria, Old School. The owner, with three home-birthed babies, is giving us a deal! For those able to stick around, Audrey Levine will be again hosting a lovely dinner at her home.

6. Kiddos. It can be a long day, but you're welcome to bring them. It's nice for legislators to see some little ones.

Compiled by MAWS Lobbyist Amber Ulvenes

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