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Midwives of Wisdom

The Midwives of Wisdom award is a recognition of the senior midwives among our membership who have been practicing in Washington State for 25 years or more.

At the 2009 Fall Conference and Annual Meeting, MAWS first launched this award. Since this was the first year we were presenting the award, there were a number of recipients. Each recipient was honored by one of their peers with a story or memory of their unique approach to midwifery. The award states that it is presented: "For your many years of service to the women of Washington state and as a colleague and mentor to your fellow midwives."

Recipients of the award in 2009 were:
Sally Avenson, CNM, ARNP
Mifawnwy Carlson, LM
Beth Coyote, LM, CPM
Carol Gautschi, LM, CPM
Laura Hamilton, LM, CPM
Marge Mansfield, LM, CPM
Winni McNamara, LM, ARNP
Suzy Myers, LM, CPM,
Nancy Spencer, LM, CPM

In addition, the MAWS Board took this opportunity to recognize Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko as an “Honorary Midwife” and Midwife of Wisdom for the more than 25 years during which she has lovingly devoted her life to our profession here in Washington, as well as nationally and globally.

At our 2010 Fall Conference and Annual Meeting, MAWS presented our Women of Wisdom Award to Laurie Braunstein. Laurie founded Wenatchee Midwife Service in 1985 and opened a freestanding birth center in Wenatchee in 1996. See picture at right.

MAWS also presented a special award for service to childbearing people to midwife Toni Erickson. Toni has been a licensed midwife in the Enumclaw area since 1994 and worked with birthing people as an RN prior to attending Seattle Midwifery School. Due to health concerns, Toni is sadly retiring in early 2011. See picture at right.

BANNER IMAGE Pictured left to right: Suzy Myers, Beth Coyote, Winni McNamara, JoAnne Myers Ciecko, Mifawnwy Carlson and Carol Gautschi. (Sally Avenson, Laura Hamilton, Marge Mansfield and Nancy Spencer were, unfortunately not able to be present to accept their awards.)

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Laurie Braunstein

Laurie Braunstein, left, with Marge Mansfield, right

Toni Erickson

Toni Erickson, left, with her colleagues Nancy Spencer, center, and Molly Gray, right