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Some words from mother, midwifery consumer, MAWS board member:

When I became pregnant with my first child, it struck me how important that first big decision was: finding a health care provider. My friends’ birth stories swirled in my head—some transcendent, some frightening. I knew that my body was doing what it needed to do, and I knew that I wanted to entrust my care to someone who had as much confidence in that fact as I did. The more I learned, the more I realized that midwifery care was what I wanted. Throughout my pregnancy and birth, I was continually grateful to have made that decision. My care was thorough, professional, personal, and warm. The birth of my daughter was transcendent.

Three years later, buoyed by this experience, my husband and I chose to have our second daughter at home. We found a midwife that exceeded our expectations, and could not have wished for better care. We just can’t stop talking about it, to each other and to everyone else. Everyone deserves the chance to have this level of care. It is dismaying to me how many women go through the process of pregnancy and birth—who become mothers—without it. Growing and birthing a baby is a primal, beautiful process. It is also a surreal and frightening one. This dichotomy is what midwives seem to understand best. They trust in the body absolutely, and know how important it is to instill that trust in the new mother. They understand how to help mothers be as healthy and strong as they can be, and that this creates healthier, stronger babies and families. And they also understand that vigilance is vital, as is keen medical knowledge. Having that trust alongside strong medical aptitude is a wonderful recipe; one that every woman deserves.

So how can we bring that level of care to every woman? MAWS is a professional organization that is working towards that goal. We are working hard to improve women’s access to midwifery care, and to improve and strengthen the profession in Washington State. I volunteer my time to help MAWS because I believe that this work is vitally important. Please take the time to explore the information on this website, to explore the range of midwifery options in your area and the current research that exists. Learn about the different types of midwives and where they practice. Whether you are newly pregnant or just curious about midwifery, we hope you will find information on this site to help you.

Good luck!
Emily Stephens