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Quality Management Program

Engaging in activities which strive to encourage continuous quality improvement is a public demonstration of the midwifery profession’s commitment to reflective self and peer evaluation with the goal of providing safe responsible family-centered maternity care. The Quality Management Program (QMP) is a state sanctioned and legally protected program, established by MAWS in 2003 and administered by the QMP committee, whereby midwives can, in confidence, freely discuss and be supportively evaluated by a group of their peer midwives, safe from subpoena or legal inquiry. The protected safe space of Peer Review and Incident Review enables midwives to freely discuss clinical cases with their peers providing them with an opportunity to improve their practice and future outcomes.

Two branches of the QMP program provide mechanisms for quality improvement:

  • a) Peer Review which each midwife must complete on a regular basis every 2 years with at least 3 other professional MAWS members (professional MAWS members must be WA State Licensed Midwives), and
  • b) Incident Review which is organized by the QMP committee and is conducted by a specially convened panel whenever an outcome occurs which meets “Sentinel Event” criteria.

The Quality Management Program (QMP) exists to:

  • Help midwives improve their practice
  • Help improve future outcomes
  • Create a safe forum for discussion of clinical cases
  • Generate ideas directly from the membership for continuing education

The QMP cannot function without your help. As MAWS members we all have a shared
responsibility to:

  • Agree to participate as a panelist on an Incident Review Panel when called upon to do so;
  • Maintain strict confidentiality whenever participating in Peer Review or on an Incident Review Panel
  • Turn in a Self-Report within 14 days if any of the following “Sentinel Events” occur. If you are uncertain about whether a serious event meets criteria for an Incident Review, please write to us at
  • Maternal Mortality
  • Perinatal Mortality
  • Maternal shock
  • Uterine rupture
  • Maternal/neonatal seizure
  • Uterine inversion
  • NICU or Special care nursery admissions within 72 hours of birth (except for observation &/or congenital anomalies)

A Self-Report Form is available on the MAWS website and can be downloaded, printed, filled out, and mailed in to the QMP. Please send all correspondence to: Quality Management Program c/o MAWS at the address listed on the MAWS Contact Us webpage.

Information About Conducting a Peer Review

If you are a MAWS member in need of a Peer Review, organize one! Now anyone can organize a Peer Review as long as s/he:

      1. Is a current MAWS member.
      2. Has participated in at least one Peer Review before.
      3. Contact Christine Tindal in order to receive all of the necessary, updated and official paperwork and verify the member status of participants (as every midwife who participates in your Peer Review MUST be a current MAWS member).