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Tools for Midwives – Forms, Templates & Resources

  • Maternal Transport Form (PDF)
  • Newborn Transport Form (PDF)
  • Expanding Clinical Procedures Sample Form (PDF)
  • QMP Self-Report Form for Midwives (PDF)
  • Incident Report Complaint Form for Consumers and Healthcare Professionals Concerned about a Midwife's care (PDF)

Charting Resources:

  • Charting Presentation by Karen Hays (PDF)
  • Charting Examples (PDF)
  • Forms for client charts designed by MAWS are available from Cascade Heatlhcare. These forms include: Registration, Prenatal Record, Antepartum Notes, Labor Flow Sheet, Labor Progress Events, Immediate Postpartum, Newborn Exam, Labor Summary and Postpartum Follow-up.

Client Handouts:

HIPAA Resources:

FREE Pamphlets & Posters from the Department of Health:

Risk Management JUA Resources:

Victoria Grace of QMA Risk Management LLC has assembled a broad set of information that will help midwives address topics such as HIPAA, cord blood law, and writing Policy, Procedure & Practice Guideline manuals, etc. You can find it under the Risk Management section of the JUA website, or you can directly access it here.

If you're scheduled for practice liability review this year, you will find these resources invaluable in getting prepped for the review. Liz Chalmers from the JUA highly encourages perusing all the sections before submitting any material to Victoria for review.

Even if you're not scheduled for review this year, you can take a moment to check out the resources and compare to the documentation you are currently using.

For updates on Clinical Issues, please visit our Practice Updates for Midwives webpage.