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Students, apprentices and aspiring midwives can Join MAWS as an Associate Member. Members receive discounted rates to MAWS Conferences and a hard copy newsletter. MAWS created an Orientation Manual for new and Aspiring WA state Licensed Midwives to help ease the transition of new midwives into practice and to help aspiring midwives prepare to apply for licensure.

If you intend to apply for a midwifery license in WA state, but did not attend or do not plan to attend a state-approved school, click here for more Information for Aspiring Midwives and CPMs who Wish to Apply for Licensure in WA but Didn't or Don't Intend to Attend a State-approved School.

We invite students to join MAWS, volunteer and help us transform perinatal care. MAWS exists to promote the health and well-being of individuals and families through the development and support of the profession of midwifery. MAWS offers resources, support, continuing education opportunities, and guidance to the state in regard to the policies and rules related to midwifery.

We hope that you'll join MAWS when you are practicing midwifery. MAWS is the professional association for midwives in the State of Washington. Professional MAWS membership confers many benefits, including access to state-sanctioned and protected peer review and professional liability insurance that enables midwives to become participating in-network providers with health insurance companies (including Medicaid/DSHS). WA state is one of only twelve states in the US where midwives can serve low income people by accepting Medicaid.

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Midwives new to licensure in Washington receive their first year of Professional Membership to MAWS free! Contact for more information.

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