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The Midwives' Association of Washington State is a not-for-profit organization formed to unite and organize midwives in Washington state, and to promote public and professional recognition of midwifery. Learn more about MAWS' goals and philosophy. MAWS has been a force for good for over 30 years, helping protect and support midwives, birthing people and growing families. MAWS’ work encompasses several arenas:

Licensing Fees

  • Without MAWS' lobbying efforts on a yearly basis, our licensing fees would exceed $1500 per year
  • The lower licensing fee alone is worth membership in MAWS

Legislation and Regulation

  • Educating state legislators about the benefits of midwifery care to the state budget and individual health outcomes
  • Helping draft legislation on midwives’ scope of practice, licensing fees, licensing requirements, and newborn care
  • Fighting for fair midwifery licensing fees
  • Educating government agencies such as DOH, HCA, Newborn screening office

Insurance Coverage

  • Promoting fair reimbursement of midwives
  • Working to stabilize malpractice premiums
  • Educating private insurance to the benefit of home and birth center births
  • Comparison of available malpractice policies by an insurance professional

Professional Development and Education

  • Semi-annual conferences with continuing education opportunities
  • A nationally recognized Quality Management Program with incident and peer review for all members
  • Providing peer review at conferences and in local communities
  • Offering semi-annual conferences at locations around the state (new in 2015!)
  • Continuing education opportunities at conferences and online webinars

Public Education and Fundraising

  • Bridge-building with other health care professionals
  • Raising funds for a Public Education Campaign to educate the public about midwifery care and home and birth center birth options
  • Promoting the increased utilization of licensed midwives at the local health level to address the OB access problem
  • Emphasizing the need to reduce unnecessary cesarean surgery

Communication with Members

  • Directory listing
  • Monthly E Newsletter with information about maternity and midwifery-related events and training, as well as advertising from our Associate Business members
  • Regular E Alerts messages as news develops
  • Updated website
  • CEU and peer review certificates