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Jennifer Boelter, LM, CPM, LMP
Sarah L. Yeamans LM, CPM

Jenn was raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. She knew from an early age that she was meant to offer nurturing care to the community around her. With the goal of serving in a country where midwifery care was desperately needed, Jenn studied through The National College of Midwifery in New Mexico and the Philippines from 2002-2005. After completing her training, Jenn continued to work at Mercy Maternity Center in southern Philippines for over two years, during which time she also taught in the onsite international midwifery school (and had the privilege of being one of Sarah’s preceptors). She lived among the community she served, learning the local language and building relationships with families.

In 2007, Jenn moved to Seattle to begin her next chapter of midwifery, realizing the need for gentle maternity care in the US, where intervention and cesarean rates soar. She joined Midwife Seattle in 2009, where she put down roots in the local midwifery community. And, in 2012, she co-founded Pacific Natural Birth in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

Jenn is also a Licensed Massage Practitioner and owner of Seattle Well Mama Massage. She makes use of her massage experience in her care of midwifery clients and is currently studying herbalism with Aviva Romm to further her journey as a holistic women’s health practitioner.
When she isn’t with moms and babies she’s probably on a long walk with her husband and dogs or trying a new recipe.

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