Rainy City Midwifery Rainy City Midwifery
Sara Alvarado, ND, LM
Beth Coyote, LM, CPM
Lynn Hughes, LM

We are a Seattle-based midwifery practice located in Eastlake, specializing in home and birth center deliveries. Waterbirth is also offered. We have a new office at Seattle's new Center for Birth on Eastlake.

Highlights of our services are:

  • FREE preconception and consultation visits
  • Personalized prenatal and postpartum care: prenatal appointments and lab work done at the clinic and postpartum home visits after the birth of your baby, including breastfeeding education & support.
  • Birth at home or at a local birth center (including water birth): Our midwives are privileged at the Puget Sound Birth Center and Seattle Home Maternity Service Birth Center, as well as the brand new Center for Birth on Eastlake where our office is located.
  • Acupuncturist available on site for treatment of morning sickness, breech presentation, and labor induction.
1500 Eastlake Avenue E,
Seattle, WA
(206) 861-8300