Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic
Molly A. Linton, ND, LM

Complete Naturopathic family medicine from pre-conception through end of life. 25 years in practice, empowering patients in their personal health care.

Dr. Molly Linton and the staff at Emerald City Clinic are committed to quality, competent, and compassionate Naturopathic healthcare. We provide all phases of primary health care, blending centuries-old knowledge of natural non-toxic therapies with current advances in the understanding of health and human systems. Health is defined as "freedom from limitations." We are only as healthy as the environment we live in- physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is our job as Naturopathic Physicians to assist individuals to remove the limitations from their health. In fact, Dr. Linton often says that if she were to rewrite the Hippocratic oath it would be:

"It is my job as a physician to support the physical body while each person evolves emotionally and spiritually."

1409 NW 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 781-2206