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Jodilyn Owen, a Washington Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife and co-author of “The Essential Homebirth Guide" speaks about home birth.

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Christine Thain from Eastside Birth Center on New Day NW

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Valerie Sasson, MAWS President, on KUOW's "The Conversation"

Listen to this great interview and call-ins on "The Pros And Cons Of At Home And Hospital Births". And please share! Congratulations to Val on landing this opportunity and making a stellar presentation!

Washington midwives featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal!

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In memoriam of Toni Erickson, RN, LM - Beloved Licensed Midwife, 1938-2012
by Nancy Spencer, Ann Olsen, and Mif Carlson

Toni Erickson, RN, LM

KINDNESS is perhaps the universal word, echoed by everyone who met Toni Erickson (pictured above left, receiving an award in recognition of her years of service as a midwife), to describe her unfailing love and goodness which she lavished on her moms and dads and babies throughout her career. She always believed that ‘it was how you made people feel’, that was important.

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Mifawnwy Carlson, LM – Kitsap County:
Midwife helps 'catch' 1,000 babies during career

Mifawne Carlson, LM

Mif Carlson, LM was featured on King 5 News. Click here to read the story or watch the video.

Nancy Spencer, LM, CPM –
Pierce County:
Washington midwife and MAWS member Nancy Spencer's new book, Heaven in My Hands--A Midwife's Stories of Birth and Life, now available.

Heaven in my hands

In her book, Nancy shares stories from her decades of practice as a midwife. Congratulations, Nancy! Click here to order or read about the book.

Niki Coraggio, LM – Gig Harbor:
Popularity of midwife services on the rise. Read the article >
Niki Coraggio

Michelle Sarju, LM, CPM - King County :
Lovely Short Documentary, Community Stories: Catching Our Babies Featuring MAWS Member, Midwife Michelle Sarju on Seattle Channel MAWS member, Michelle Sarju

Congratulations to Michelle and Open Arms Perinatal Services on this great story!
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Midwife Jodilyn Owen:
Providing the essentials to new mothers (and a lot more)

Twelve years ago, Jodilyn Owen was invited by her sister-in-law to her nephew’s birth as a “pseudo-doula” to boss her older brother around.

“The goal was to help him be involved in the way that he could,” she said. “I fell in love with being on that end of the bed, so to speak.”

She didn’t know that a doula was an actual job until her husband, Rabbi Benjy Owen, heard a story on NPR.

“He called me to tell me that people get paid for this thing I was running all over the neighborhood doing,” she said.

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Washington Midwife Catches a Baby on the Bainbridge Ferry

Therese Charvet, former Midwifery Education Program Director for Seattle Midwifery School, past president of MANA, who used to practice midwifery on Bainbridge Island, was on her way to speak to a group of midwifery students at Bastyr University on Thursday afternoon, November 29, "when an announcement on the intercom system asked for medical assistance, Charvet assumed someone was having a heart attack and stayed put. But fortunately for baby Lucy and her parents, Charvet happened to be sitting near the elevator where Mom was being taken up at the front of the boat.

“I know what a woman in labor sounds like, and I was up there in a flash. The good luck piece was that I happened to be sitting near that elevator instead of the elevator on the other end of the boat,” said Charvet. When she explained to the group that she was a midwife, Charvet said, “Everyone gratefully stepped aside. Another older woman there was a labor and delivery nurse, and she stood by holding the mother’s hand during the birth.”

Within a couple hours of the birth, the news was widespread and even picked up by the Associated Press!

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Laurie Braunstein, LM, CPM – Chelan County:
Midwife-assisted births are on the rise

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Kristin Eggleston, LM, CPM – Benton County:
Prosser midwife Kristin Eggleston, LM, CPM was interviewed by KIMA TV in Yakima.

Kristin Eggleston

Suzy Myers, LM, CPM – King County:
Midwifing Future Midwives

It was the activist in Suzy Myers that first attracted her to the field of midwifery, and as she's helped bring nearly 2,000 babies into this world, that activist has remained vigilant.

"When I first got involved in the health care movement, I hadn't even really considered becoming a practitioner," says Myers, who is now the chair of the Department of Midwifery at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Wash. "I was more interested in being an activist."

But when Myers moved to Seattle in 1971, the energy surrounding the women's movement and health care reform turned her into both an activist and a practitioner, as well as an educator…

Terra Sowinski, ND, LM – Kitsap County:
MAWS Member Terra Sowinski, ND, LM, featured in Kitsap Sun
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